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{spawn} = require 'child_process'
puts = console.log
system = (name, args, callback) ->
print = (buffer) -> process.stdout.write buffer.toString()
proc = spawn name, args
proc.stdout.on 'data', print
proc.stderr.on 'data', print
proc.on 'exit', (status) -> callback?()
compileall = (from, to, watch = false, callback = null) ->
args = ['--map', '-o', to, '-c', from]
args.unshift '-w' if watch
system 'coffee', args, callback
task 'c', 'Compile and watch', ->
compileall 'lib/', 'public/', true
compileall 'spec/coffee', 'spec/javascripts', true
task 'compile', 'Compile', ->
puts "Compiling..."
compileall 'lib/', 'public/'
task 'server', 'Serve the current filesystem. Needed for loading textures from fs.
Require python installed.', ->
system 'python', '-m SimpleHTTPServer'.split(' ')
task 'spec', "runs unit tests", ->
puts "Make sure to be running server on port 8000"
compileall 'lib/', 'public/', false, ->
compileall 'spec/coffee', 'spec/javascripts', false, ->
system "open", ["http://localhost:8000/spec/web_runner.html"]