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@CollisionUtils =
# The two intervals are [s1, f1] and [s2, f2]
testIntervalCollision: (s1, f1, s2, f2) ->
return true if s1 == s2
return f1 >= s2 if s1 < s2
return f2 >= s1
#Cubes are objects with vmax, vmin (the vertices with greatest/smallest values)
#properties. Assumes unrotated cubes.
testCubeCollision: (cube1, cube2) ->
fcol = @testIntervalCollision
for axis in ['x', 'y', 'z']
collides = fcol cube1.vmin[axis], cube1.vmax[axis]
, cube2.vmin[axis], cube2.vmax[axis]
return false unless collides
return true