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(ns conjcraft ^{:doc "Basic Recipe DSL functions."}
(:use [clojure.string :only [split-lines trim]]))
(defn get-output-item [output-name]
(let [normalized-name (name output-name)
item (items normalized-name)]
(if item item (blocks normalized-name))))
(defn create-input-char-binding [symbol-list]
[zip-zymbol-list (partition 2 (map name symbol-list))]
(into {} (map (fn [[k v]] [(first k) v]) zip-zymbol-list))))
(defn get-translations [input-char-binding input]
(let [charset (set (apply concat input))
clean-charset (remove #(or (= \space %) (= \_ %)) charset)
clean-binding-name (comp get-output-item input-char-binding)]
(mapcat #(vector % (clean-binding-name %)) clean-charset)))
(defn safe-add-recipe
"Like add-recipe, but catches exceptions and gives better error reporting"
[stack array]
(try (add-recipe stack array)
(catch Exception e
(print "Bad recipe: ")
(prn stack array)
(.printStackTrace e))))
(defn single-recipe-dsl
([input-char-binding recipe-str output-name output-qty]
(let [output-item (get-output-item output-name)
trim-and-space #(-> % trim (clojure.string/replace #"_" " "))
input (->> recipe-str split-lines (map trim-and-space))
translations (get-translations input-char-binding input)]
(safe-add-recipe (item-stack output-item output-qty) (concat input translations))))
([input-char-binding recipe-str output-name]
(single-recipe-dsl input-char-binding recipe-str output-name 1)))
(defn non-lazy-map [f coll] (doall (map f coll)))
(defn recipe-dsl [input-char-binding & single-recipes]
(let [recipe-partitions (->> (partition-by string? single-recipes) (partition 2))
recipe-args (map #(concat (first %) (second %)) recipe-partitions)]
(non-lazy-map (partial apply single-recipe-dsl input-char-binding) recipe-args)))
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