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Conjcraft is an open source mod for Minecraft written in Clojure. It uses ModLoader and Minecraft Coder Pack (aka MCP) (thanks guys!).

It is an open mod, where most of the magic of the mod is done in free files in the ~/clojurecraft folder (or clojurecraft folder inside your java user.home system property, if you are on Windows). This way you can change the mod simply by editing the files inside there.

It also implements a simple DSL in clojure for recipes.

All scripts below assume you are on Linux or Mac. You can also use them if you use Cygwin on Windows, but Minecraft community has already created a lot of amazing info on installing mods on Windows that I'll not try summarize here.

More information on the project here.

Installing the mod

Quick Note: All instructions here assume you have the current latest stable version of Minecraft, which is 1.2.5.

This assumes you have basic dev tool setup (specifically wget and curl) and lawfully own a copy of Minecraft.

If you don't have ModLoader install, you can install it and the mod in one line

$ curl | bash

If you have ModLoader installed, you can install the mod in one line:

$ curl | bash

Installing the mod (full developer mode, including MCP)

This is not required if you just wanna play with the recipes, as they are all plain text clojure files included in the conjcraft folder installed on your home directory (the above installation creates them).

This setup assumes the setup above, that you have git installed, and that you have all pre-requisites for MCP:

 $ curl | bash

You do not need ModLoader installed, unless you want to release your changes (just run ./ In this case, after the setup, just change to minecraft_modding and run

 $ ./

If you cloned this git repo, you can setup everything just by using:

 $ ./setup_scripts/

Running tests

The recipe DSL has basic clojure/test tests in the recipe_dsl_test.clj. They can be run with:

 $ ./

Locally installing your changes

To install your changes (java ones, as, by default, clojure changes will be in the correct path if you haven't changed anything), just run

$ ./

This requires ModLoader installed. If you have not it installed, you can do it in one line with:

 $ ./setup_scripts/


Why it could not de-obfuscate the code?

Why all these scripts?

  • According to terms of license and use of MCP, Minecraft and Modloader, I cannot re-distribute any of their code. The best I can do is distribute scripts that download and install them (with the exception of Minecraft, which is proprietary, commercial and more than worth its price).

Why does Eclipse gives me errors?


Created by Daniel Ribeiro. Not affiliated with Mojang. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang.

Released under the MIT License: