Chrome Extension that shows 3D models on your GitHub. On Chrome Store:
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Three Hub

Three Hub is a Chrome Extension that shows the 3D models from model files when browsing GitHub. You can install it directly from Chrome Store.

This extends the native support GitHub launched for STL:

Currently only OBJ format is supported, which is one of most popular 3D formats on GitHub.


Run to build the CoffeeScript assets.

To see a demo working locally, you can serve the project folder with (for example):

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

And then open http://localhost:8000/test in your local browser. You should see the following:

The page you will see running be like this this


Thanks Mr.doob for the amazing work done in three.js, which is the cornerstone of this project.

Thanks to Lee Stemkoski for the great demos on lightning and shading.


Created by Daniel Ribeiro.

Released under the MIT License: