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Wordpress deployment recipes for PHP deployer tool
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Deployer WP Recipes

These recipes were originally written by cstaelen, using his personal WordPress stack based on Bedrock, using phpdotenv. This fork is maintained by danielroe.


  • Deploy repository code as well as gulp or webpack compiled files
  • Sync and push Wordpress uploads
  • Pull and push Wordpress database
  • Clean up some files



If you're using phpdotenv, run composer require vlucas/phpdotenv.

Make sure to include recipe files in your deploy.php:

require 'vendor/danielroe/deployer-wp-recipes/recipes/assets.php';
require 'vendor/danielroe/deployer-wp-recipes/recipes/cleanup.php';
require 'vendor/danielroe/deployer-wp-recipes/recipes/db.php';
require 'vendor/danielroe/deployer-wp-recipes/recipes/uploads.php';
# Include if you're using phpdotenv
# require 'vendor/vlucas/phpdotenv/src/Dotenv.php';


Just add those lines below in your deploy.php with your own values :

set('wp-recipes', [
    'theme_name'        => 'Your WP theme folder name',
    'theme_dir'         => '/web/app/themes',
    'shared_dir'        => '{{ deploy_path }}/shared',
    'assets_cmd'          => 'yarn && yarn run build:production',
    'assets_dist'       => '/web/app/themes/dist',
    'local_wp_url'      => 'http://mysite.test',
    'remote_wp_url'     => '',
    'clean_after_deploy'=>  [

Available tasks

Upload your WP database : dep db:push prod Download your WP database : dep db:pull prod Pull WP uploads with rsync : dep uploads:pull prod Push WP uploads with rsync : dep uploads:push prod Upload your local copy of WP uploads with rsync : dep uploads:push prod

You can also use those rules below in your deploy.php file to compile and deploy assets and cleanup some useless files on your staging/production server :

after('deploy', 'deploy:cleanup');

You can use deploy:assets as part of your deploy process. For example:

task('deploy', [
])->desc('Deploy your Bedrock project');
after('deploy', 'success');

WP recipes using phpdotenv

If you are using phpdotenv to configure your servers as Bedrock does, you can use these task rules below to grab WP_HOME value filled in your .env file.

before('db:cmd:pull', 'env:uri');
before('db:cmd:push', 'env:uri');

In order to do that, we assume your local .env file is in the root project folder, and the remote one in the repo shared folder.

Make sure to leave local_wp_url and remote_wp_url empty:

set('wp-recipes', [
    'local_wp_url' => '',
    'remote_wp_url' => ''
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