McMaster first year engineering EPIC Game Challenge.
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McMaster first year engineering EPIC Game Challenge.

This is my submission to McMaster University's EPIC Game Challenge for first year engineering students.

This game is called "Super Smash Sticks Brawl" - a remake of the popular Nintendo series "Super Smash Bros". The aim of the game is to punch and kick your opponent (another player) until he/she falls off the map or reaches 300% damage. The more damaged a player is, the farther they will launch when attacked. The controls for the game are given within the game. Options such as game volume, lefty/righty modes, etc will be made at a later date. Currently you must have a friend to play this game with, as there is no AI.


-- Daniel Wolff


  • Options
  • Blood effects?
  • Perks?
  • AI?


  • PyGame event handling
  • PyGame wrappers for ease of use
  • Basic audio
  • Character animation
  • Collisions
  • Menu structure
  • Environment design
  • Character interactions