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Cloney is a Windows application that lets you clone .NET solutions. It can be executed from the command prompt or as a GUI application.

Cloney also features a Window Explorer plugin, that lets you clone a solution by right-clicking the solution file in the Windows Explorer.

Getting started

Cloney can be downloaded as a tag (source code), or as a download bundle (pre-compiled) from GitHub. You can also grab the latest code from the GitHub repository.

Cloney can be executed as a console or a GUI application. It also has a Window Explorer plugin that lets you clone solutions by right-clicking an .sln file in the explorer.

Using the Cloney GUI application

The easiest way to use Cloney is by starting the GUI app. To start it, just double-click cloney.exe in the Windows Explorer or launch cloney.exe without any arguments.

The GUI application has a text box for the source folder and one for the target folder. Select the source and the target folder then press "Clone" button, and you're done.

This is a simple, but nonflexible way to clone solutions.

You can also start a modal version of the GUI, using the "cloney --modal [--source=]" command. When it uses modal, Cloney will only display a source (if none provided) and a target folder selector then start cloning the solution. When the cloning operation is finished, Cloney exists.

Using the Cloney console application

Using the Cloney console application provides you with a lot more options than when using the GUI.

The following command-line commands are supported by the Cloney console app:

cloney <no arguments>
Launch cloney.exe without args to launch the GUI.
cloney --clone --source=x --target=y OR
Clone the solution in folder x to folder y.
cloney --help
Display a help message about how to use Cloney.
cloney --install
Install the Cloney Windows Explorer plugin.

cloney --modal
Start the Cloney GUI in modal (quick) mode.
cloney --settings
Display the current Cloney settings.
cloney --uninstall
Uninstall the Cloney Windows Explorer plugin.

Get in contact me if you have any ideas regarding how to improve Cloney. A better GUI? More commands? Let me know!

Using the Cloney Windows Explorer Plugin

Daniel Lee (@danlimerick) has created a nice, convenient Windows Explorer plugin, that simplifies using Cloney in the windows explorer.

To install the plugin, just type "cloney --install". The Cloney plugin is then bound to the folder that installed it. To uninstall the plugin, type "cloney --uninstall".

With the plugin properly installed, just right-click any solution file in the Windows Explorer, then click "Clone this solution using Cloney". This will open up a minimal version of the GUI application.


For more info about this project and other things that I am working on:

Web site:

Contributions to this project are more than welcome. The day you build the next great feature, fix a bug, improve a unit test etc., make sure to let me know!


Cloney is an open-source client application that lets you clone .NET solutions




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