NExtra is a C# library with extended functionality for the .NET Framework.
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NExtra is an open-source library that contains extended functionality for the .NET Framework. I continously add things from my various .NET projects, if I find that they are relevant enough.

If I add stuff that I find on blogs or other web resources, I include links to the original implementation.

Getting started

You can grab the source code directly from GitHub or get pre-compiled binaries from NuGet. If you are new to NExtra, I advice you to grab a source code bundle, browse through it and pick out the parts you need.

NExtra Projects

NExtra consists of the following projects:


The NExtra namespace extends System, and can be used in most projects. The other projects depend on the corresponding System libraries. This means that NExtra.Web requires System.Web etc.


For more info about this project and other things that I'm working on:

Web site:
Project site:
NUGet package:

Contributions to this project are more than welcome. If you build the next great feature, fix a bug, improve a unit test etc., just send me a pull request or get in touch.