Allows users of SublimeText2 to comment selections with single quotes
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ASPComment is a plugin for Sublime Text that allows for multi-line commenting with single quotes, a convention used in Classic ASP, VbScript, and Visual Basic. Though Sublime Text has a line commenting shortcut built in, it only supports HTML style comments for "ASP (HTML)" syntax and offers no support for VbScript or Visual Basic, which do not work for ASP blocks. Furthermore it does not (natively) support VbScript or Visual Basic syntax highlighting and contexts.

ASPComment provides this functionality so that programmers of any language requiring single quote comments can enter comments with ease.


  1. Use the SublimeText2 Package Manager to install ASPComment.

  2. You can manually install the package by downloading the zip file and extracting it to the location given in the documentation.


The default keymappings can be viewed by selecting Preferences > Package Settings > ASPComment > Key Bindings - Default from the SublimeText toolmenu. Changes to the keyboard shortcuts should be added to the corresponding "Key Bindings - User" file to override the default mappings rather than erase them.

Note: By default, if no selection is made, any performed action is applied to the line the cursor is currently on.

Add Comment


Add a single quote (') to the front of each line in the current selection. Selected lines already starting with a single quote will be ignored. Also note that empty lines are not commented.

Remove Comment


Remove a single quote ' from each line in the current selection that starts with a single quote (ignores whitespace). Any lines without a leading single quote are unmodified.

Toggle Comment


Toggles comments on the current selection. If there is a single uncommented line, then the entire selection is commented. If all lines are commented, the comments are removed. Also note that empty lines are not commented.


ASPComment has three settings which modify its behavior. These settings can be modified by adding them to the file found at Preferences > Package Settings > ASPComment > Settings - User with the desired value.


When this setting is true and the asp_comment_add_comment action is performed, lines already starting with a single quote will still receive an additional single quote.


When this setting is true, empty lines will receive a single quote when asp_comment_add_comment or asp_comment_toggle_comment are performed.


When this setting is true and the asp_comment_add_comment action is performed, the single quote will be added after any leading whitespace. This preserves the line's indentation, which can be useful for some Sublime features (such as code folding).