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Cordova Background Audio support for iOS
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Looking for contributors

Hey there, I'm looking for active contributors to help move the development of this forward in a stable and timely fashion. This module was created for a specific project and I haven't had a need for this module in quite some time, so my personal time is not actively allocated to it. If you are interested in actively contributing, please contact me, Thanks!

Background Audio for iOS

Support an iOS application playing audio in the background.

When included within a cordova build then the application will support background audio for iOS out of the box. No further action is necessary.

This negates having to use location/other solutions that may not be accepted by Apple.



cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-background-audio
# OR
cordova plugin add # latest


ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-background-audio
# OR
ionic plugin add # latest


phonegap local plugin add cordova-plugin-background-audio
# or
phonegap local plugin add # latest

PhoneGap Build (

DEPRECATED.. no longer seems to work? Possibly requires updating the plugin to latest pgb spec? see #9

Add the following to your config.xml

<gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-background-audio" />
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