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Alpine Elixir Release (AER)

Imagine if everything was built on AER.

Based on


Copy the Dockerfile into your project's root.

When building the image, provide the following build args:

  • APP_NAME - the name of your application/release
  • APP_VSN - the version of the application we are building (required)
  • MIX_ENV - the environment to build with
  • SKIP_PHOENIX - set this to true if this release is not a Phoenix app

If you are using an umbrella project, you can change this argument to the directory of the Phoenix app so that the assets can be built:


Example build and run commands:

docker build \
  --build-arg APP_NAME=$(APP_NAME) \
  --build-arg APP_VSN=$(APP_VSN) \
  -t $(APP_NAME):$(APP_VSN)-$(BUILD) \
  -t $(APP_NAME):latest .

docker run \
  --expose 4000 -p 4000:4000 \
  --rm -it $(APP_NAME):latest