MoWare Release 35, Summer 2014
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cmd2 Branch: moware cmd RC48

MoWare CMD2 Release 48, Summer 2018 [Compatible with MPS 3.3.5]

The moware CMD2 software stack consists of three domain specific languages (DSL’s) to model the different aspects of business applications. The languages are tightly integrated. Thus, the languages can be stacked on top of each other, to model a whole business application seamlessly, starting with the database access, the transformation of data via business logic and the visualization in user interfaces.

This will be the last version/branch before cutting ties and switch to a moware2018 with major cleanups within moware. Older configruations, batchjobs and other concepts will no longer be supported in future version. Thus, this plugin will be available for you with important bugfixes in order to migrate to the OFXBatchjobs2, OFXConfig or DataUX. Future plugins of moware2018 will not be able to read forms3 dsl concepts.

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