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MoWare Werkbank 2022 (11)

MoWare Werkbank 2022 (11 edition) [Compatible with MPS 2020.3.6 / jbr 11]

MoWare Werkbank is a low code domain driven design platform for developing business applications. Efficiency and speed while developing is at our heart. MoWare Werkbank makes any boiler plate code in your DDD business application superfluous.

Additionally MoWare Werkbank is unopinionated when it comes to runtime frameworks. MoWare Werkbank brings technology independence to your business application. By seperating technical Java (framework code) from fachlichem Java (business logic and data structures) developers can focus on domain requirements instead of getting bogged down by technical framework issues. Later in your application lifecycle, you can even swap the runtime frameworks in use, e.g. the UI library.

MoWare Werkbank consists of a set of three domain specific languages (DSL’s) to model the different aspects of business applications:

  1. Persistance of aggregates and entities (on oracle/mysql)
  2. UI/Application controllers to formulate user workflows and business logic (ports/adapters)
  3. Tec independent UI models with keywords like 'table' or 'form'.

All three DSL's are technology and framework independent. At the same time the DSL's are built on top of java. This allows you the creation of 'fachliche services' in plain Java. Just use the common 'for', 'while' or 'if' concepts. MoWare Werkbank conveys the feeling of developing in common java.

MoWare Werkbank depends heavily on the jetbrains MPS language workbench. All DSL concepts as well as all code generators and runtime environments are developed within MPS. Thus, all aspects of the tooling are explorable, understandable and changeable.

More information is provided at
More information on version can be found at
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