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Moware Master 2020 (MMRS)

MoWare 2020 (mmrs edition) [Compatible with MPS 3.3.5]

The moware 2020 software stack consists of three domain specific languages (DSL’s) to model the different aspects of business applications. The languages are tightly integrated. Thus, the languages can be stacked on top of each other, to model a whole business application seamlessly, starting with the database access, the transformation of data via business logic and the visualization in user interfaces.

The stack comes with 4 different runtime environments. 
* JavaFX for rich desktop clients
* Vaadin for desktop web applications
* h2forms for HTML5 progressive web-apps for mobile devices
* job for server side batchjobs

The next version moware npc will not be downward compatible to this moware release. 

More information is provided at More information on version can be found at Released plugins can be found at

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