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Simple Application written with moware Java RAD toolchain

This is an application modelled with Moware, a plugin written for the jetbrains MPS Workbench

In order to run or experiment with this application, a database is needed (oracle or mysql is supported).

The application comes with examples for

  • data structure definition (entity, valueobject, viewobject)
  • commands and processes (modelling behavioral aspects of business software)
  • command patterns supported by moware (search pattern, creator pattern, etc.)
  • UI modelling (forms, tables, etc.)
  • mapping between data-strucutres and database schemas
  • applications, batch-jobs and their configuration
  • Eventing and usage of vert.x event bus interface (demo only)

Models available within the solution org.modellwerkstatt.simple

AutoTest:    simple data-structur to demonstrate moware auto-completer
baseApp:     application and batchjobs + their config
baseDATA:    data-structures and database interaction
basePROC:    processes and commands, some examples
baseUI:      user interfaces for commands in basePROC 
eventing:    eventing and access to the vert.x event bus
inheritance: demonstrating entity inheritance features and ui handling