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Parameterized ergonomic keyboard
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The Dactyl-ManuForm Keyboard

This fork of Dactyl-Manuform consists some minor modifications to the design and a new build guide.

I have also added the keyboard to the QMK firmware Dactyl-Manuform QMK firmware


Build guide

Parts list

The parts in the list are for two sides of 4x5 keyboard.

Rows wiring

First insert keyswitchs in place, make sure they are sturdy in place, glue them in place if they aren't. Take the copper tape and gently tape it over the rows internal keyswitch pins, be careful not to tear it, look at the picture below to see where each row follow in the thumb cluster keys. Imgur Now solder each one of the keyswitch pins to the copper tape. Imgur

Columns wiring

To wire the columns we use the diods legs as wires connecting each one, follow the pictures below. cut and bend the diods as shown and solder the diods to the outer keyswitch pin. between each connection that goes over a copper tape insert a shrink tube to insulate and prevent circuit short. the diods should always be in the direction in the pictures (black strip opposite to the keyswitch pin) Imgur Imgur Imgur

RJ9 Jack wiring

On one of the jacks solder the green, red and black wires each to a single pin jumper wire, on the other side solder the yellow wire instead of the black one.

insert the jack inside the case, you will need to cut the jack a little bit to make it fit.

Jumper wires wiring

Cut the 5pin jumperwire to half and with each half solder the wires to the board, one to each of the copper rows and the other to each column as shown in the picture Imgur Imgur

Pro-micro soldering

Most of the controllers comes with set of pinheaders, solder them on top of the board.

Pro-micro and Jack connection

Once all wires are solderd you just need to plug the jumper wires to the pro-micro correctly Imgur


Firmware goes hand in hand with how you wire the circuit. I adapted the QMK firmware here. This allows each side to work separately or together. This site also shows connections for the Arduino Pro Micro controllers.


Copyright © 2015-2017 Matthew Adereth and Tom Short

The source code for generating the models (everything excluding the things/ and resources/ directories is distributed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. The generated models and PCB designs are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Version 3.0.

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