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Baka Tsuki API

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This is the new API for Baka Tsuki, based on the original mediawiki API. This project is born out of ❤️ for Baka Tsuki and also the #$%@#@ when trying to get any information out of the Baka Tsuki pages. There are just too many parsers but none of them can handle all the nearly random ways BT projects can be formatted. It is currently hosted on Heroku here but you can also host it yourself through NodeJS. Edit: The application is hosted on OpenShift now! Say no more to dynos sleeping!

The API for the following has stabilised:

  • Getting data of novel series.
  • Search novel series by category.
  • Get latest update time of series or get a list of recently created pages.
  • Get the page of a certain interwiki title.

To do:

  • Add method to get user data.
  • Add method to push new changes to page.
  • Add method to delete a page.
  • Add tests to ensure validity of data

###Tests Run npm test.

Test coverage is still quite low as of now (45% of utils.js only) but I'll be adding more tests before I introduce any new features.

###Technologies This API uses NodeJS, ExpressJS for the backend, CheerioJS for quick and forgiving parsing and tranversing HTML, and Nodemon during development to reload code. For full list of modules used, look at package.json.

###Development Clone the repo, or download the zip. Run npm run devstart to start a simple server. npm start is for production use only. (Note: might use forever in the future.) Currently the main bulk of the logic lies in api.js. Note that you may need some proficiency in jQuery to use Cheerio.

The API is now being used in an iOS app for Baka Tsuki (still in development). I am in the process of asking for permission to be hosted on Baka Tsuki itself.

###Contributing Issues or features requests are welcome!

###Version History

  1. 2015/10/1 : Version 1.0 is released.

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