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📡 Convert YouTube channel/playlist URLs into feedly addresses (gh-pages)
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Convert YouTube channel/playlist URLs into feedly addresses

This is the repository for

In short, YouFeed takes a URL of a blog or a YouTube page, and opens the relevant feed in feedly.

How it works

YouFeed is very simple. All it does is a little bit of rule-based string manipulation. It searches the input URL for an occurrence of a supported site, keeps anything relevant like playlist ID or category name, then adds to the start. Nothing needs to be run on a server and no APIs are used. It just takes a URL and returns a slightly different one.

Supported sites and features

  • YouTube. Supports user pages, channels and playlists. YouFeed looks for '/user/', '/channel/' and '?list=' and returns relevant feeds.

Please note: sometimes a user page can be shortened by YouTube into the form Since YouFeed looks for an occurrence of 'user', 'channel' or 'playlist', if these keywords aren't in the URL, YouFeed cannot open the feed in feedly. Clicking on the 'videos' tab of this URL will go to an address in the form

  • Wordpress. Supports all posts, or posts with a certain category or tag. Looks for *, then 'category' or 'tag'.

  • Blogspot. Similar to Wordpress in the way you can follow a whole blog or just posts with a particular category.

  • Tumblr. Searches for or, and also posts by a user matching a specific tag.

Running locally

YouFeed is a static site so you can run an HTTP server from the project root folder.

The easiest way to do this is by running npm install && npm start, which will install the http-server node module and run it. You'll then be able to access the site by pointing your browser to http://localhost:8080.

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