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Latest commit 08d2a75 Jan 12, 2012 @danieltiger Merge pull request #28 from Drewsmits/master
Removed support for custom animation

Looks good Drew. Sorry this took so long, I was away on vacation.
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Pilot Clean up Dec 15, 2011
PilotTabbarTestApp [#19] Added tabbar test app Sep 24, 2011
PilotTestApp Removed support for custom animations until we have a solid workflow.… Dec 12, 2011
PilotTests Added a test mom to the test suite, realized you cant test VC pushing… Nov 4, 2011
.gitignore README formatting. Seriously, if this doesnt work... Sep 25, 2011


Pilot is designed to make navigating in a CoreData backed app easy.


Forks, patches and other feedback are always welcome.

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