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Welcome to the Humans Of The Internet wiki!

Human beings are more connected than ever before. Individuals are exposed to more diverse points of view from others around the globe. The Internet currently helps to bring us together but also brings us apart. Online arguments lack a human face and the necessary sensory input cues for natural empathy. Civility is needed online if we want to move our society forward.

Humans of the Internet is our approach to this problem. Humans of The Internet it's not an end in itself, it's not an outcome, it's not just another website of an academic project. It aims to be just the beginning of a collaborative answer to the problems that arise from communication conflicts. Humans of The Internet #HOI is a global grassroots movement to spread kindness, positivity, and self-awareness— both online and offline.

We invite all designers, coders, developers, hackers to participate in this grassroots movement for kindness.

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