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Intermediate/Advanced Gatsby

A Frontend Masters workshop.


Clone this repo locally:

git clone

Make sure you’re on the start branch:

git checkout start

Part I: Create a Docs Theme

  • Set up Yarn workspaces
  • Create a site for theme dev
  • Create the packages/gatsby-theme-docs folder
    • yarn init
    • Create index.js (// boop)
  • Install the docs theme
    • yarn workspace negronis add "gatsby-theme-docs@*" (quotes for Windows)
    • Add default config to gatsby-config.js
  • Make sure the content directory exists (onPreBootstrap)
    • yarn add mkdirp
    • Validate that this works by starting the theme-dev site in develop mode
  • Define the docs data type (createSchemaCustomization)
    • Show this data type in GraphiQL
    • Run a query to show it returning an empty array
  • Create docs nodes from MDX files (onCreateNode)
    • Only get the docs, not all MDX files
  • Define a custom resolver to get the MDX body content (createResolvers)
    • Write a passthrough resolver (hat tip to @christopherbiscardi for the original work to figure out how these work)
  • Create the required React components to display a docs page
    • Create a Layout component (src/components/layout.js)
    • Create a DocsPage component (src/components/docs-page.js)
      • Set up MDXRenderer
    • Create a DocsPageTemplate component (src/templates/docs-page-template.js)
      • Write the GraphQL query in GraphiQL first
      • Use the Code Exporter to get started
  • Create pages from the docs nodes (createPages)
    • Write a GraphQL query in GraphiQL first
  • Add Theme UI
    • yarn workspace gatsby-theme-docs add theme-ui gatsby-plugin-theme-ui @emotion/core @mdx-js/react
    • Update gatsby-config.js
    • Add a theme file (src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/index.js)
    • Update Layout to use Theme UI
    • Update DocsPage to use Theme UI
  • Create a TableOfContents component (src/components/table-of-contents.js)
    • Write a useDocs hook (src/hooks/use-docs.js)
  • Add support for syntax highlighted code
    • yarn workspace gatsby-theme-docs add mdx-utils prism-react-renderer
    • Create a Code component (src/components/code.js)
    • Shadow the MDX components in Theme UI to use Code (src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/components.js)
    • Insert a fenced code block (use src/components/docs-page.js) into docs/index.mdx
  • Add support for live editing code blocks
    • yarn workspace gatsby-theme-docs add react-live
    • Add a scope file for easy shadowing
    • Update Code to use react-live

Part II: Honkify

  • Install the docs theme
    • yarn workspace negronis add "gatsby-theme-docs@*" (quotes for Windows)
    • Update gatsby-config.js with custom basePath and disable theme MDX
    • The existing theme from the Honkify site will automatically override the docs Theme UI config
    • Shadow the Layout component
  • Create a Button component (src/components/button.js)
    • Shadow the scope.js file to add Button
    • Add the Button component in a live-editable code block in the docs
    • Show it interacting with Honkify

Part III: Build a Negroni Fan Site

  • Add Theme UI
    • yarn workspace negronis add theme-ui gatsby-plugin-theme-ui @emotion/core @mdx-js/react
    • Add a preset (yarn workspace negronis add @theme-ui/presets)
    • Create a theme file (src/gatsby-plugin-theme-ui/index.js)
  • Create a Layout component (src/components/layout.js)
    • Update src/pages/index.js to use the Layout
    • Update src/pages/history.js to use the Layout
    • Add styles for a hollow button
  • Add image support
    • yarn workspace negronis add gatsby-source-filesystem gatsby-transformer-cloudinary gatsby-image
    • Get credentials from Cloudinary
    • Add env vars to .env.development
    • Load env vars in gatsby-config.js
    • Add plugin config to gatsby-config.js
    • Query for images
      • Show this in GraphiQL first
    • Update src/pages/index.js to display an image
      • Quick aside to show transformations with Cloudinary because they’re dope
    • Update src/pages/history.js to display an image
  • Install the docs theme
    • Recipes are a kind of documentation! :)
    • yarn workspace negronis add "gatsby-theme-docs@*" (quotes for Windows)
    • Add modified config to gatsby-config.js
      • basePath: '/recipes'
      • contentPath: 'content/recipes'
  • Update src/pages/index.js to link to /recipes
    • Add styles for a primary button
  • Shadow the Layout component in the docs theme
  • Shadow the TableOfContents component in the docs theme
  • Install the events theme
    • yarn workspace negronis add @jlengstorf/gatsby-theme-events
    • This was built as part of this free course on authoring Gatsby themes:
    • Update gatsby-config.js with a custom basePath and contentPath
    • Shadow the Layout component in the events theme

Part IV: Rick & Morty Lookup App

  • Add support for client-side GraphQL queries
    • yarn workspace lookup add gatsby-plugin-apollo @apollo/react-common @apollo/react-hooks graphql-tag
    • Update gatsby-config.js to use gatsby-plugin-apollo
    • Point Apollo at the Rick & Morty API (
  • Create pages
    • src/pages/index.js
    • src/pages/search.js
  • Add support for client-only routes
    • gatsby-node.js (onCreatePage/matchPath)
    • Add a redirect netlify.toml
    • Test using netlify dev
  • Create a search form
    • React hooks
    • Programmatic navigation
    • Add a submit handler
  • Create a results component
    • Query based on the current search string
  • Figure out the search string from state or URL
    • location
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