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Template for Rails 3.0 apps


rails new app -m

Public folder strategy

|-- admin
| |-- date.js
| `-- datePicker.js
|-- common
| |-- application.js
| |-- jquery-1.3.2.js
| |-- jquery-ui-1.5.3.js
| |-- jquery.facebox.js
|-- superfolio
| |-- _plugins
| | |-- jquery.autocomplete.js
| | `-- jquery.truncate.js
| | `-- jquery.superfolio.toggle.js
| |-- application.js
| |-- blob.js
  `-- commit.js
  • It allows to namespace specific files to specific layouts (admin, superfolio, etc) and share files between apps (common).

  • I can lay out files however I want within each of these namespaces, and reorganize them at will.

  • All jquery plugins should have jquery. and app specific plugins should be jquery.appname.pluginame.


This project is released under the MIT License, including all CSS and design stuffs.


Copyright © 2010 Daniel Lopes. See LICENSE for details.

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