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Test, test, test

  • We need to write a lot of specs, since I've been weak and gave up to rush. I've started the project using real good BDD and then lost it :( now is the time to regain control!


  • Use I18n for every bit of text on the app.

  • Create a Rails Engine with everything needed for each payment gateway

Complete administration console

Today, we have only two admin pages:

  • /projects/pending (whose name is a legacy name), that is used to manage projects

  • /projects/pending_backers (whose name is also a legacy name), that is used to manage backers

We need to have an AdminController, with another layout, that enables you to manage the following:

  • Projects

  • Users

  • Backers

  • Sites

  • And so on...

I strongly recommend you to use Backbone.js in a similar way that we used on the projects#show page, because we are certainly gonna use it for other things throughout the application.

Tighter integration with social networks/email

  • Make better use of Facebook and Twitter APIs to stimulate sharing

  • Create an option to subscribe to a project and chose to receive an email after either/both of these moments: when an update is posted, when a comment is posted, and when a new backer is confirmed.