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Are you missing a feature or just want to help out? To maximize the chances of getting your pull-request accepted, please take a moment to read this guide on how to contribute.

Setting things up

1) Fork the project and add an upstream. More info.

2) Create a feature branch from the develop branch: git checkout -b my-feature-branch develop

3) In the root there's a setup-devenv.bat file which will use Ruby or more precisely, Rake to download and install NuGets. Note! Since NuGet v2.0.0, you need to allow NuGet to do package restore. This is a one time setting per computer. You can edit this in Visual Studio under the menu: Tools --> Library package manager --> Package Manager settings --> Package restore --> Allow NuGet to download...

4) Tests are written using NUnit or Machine Specifications, follow their guide to get testrunner up and running. I highly recommend the testrunner found in ReSharper from JetBrains.

Work, work, work...

  • Please, try to keep your changes small and focused. Small commits are preferred.
  • Write proper commit messages! Commit messages should be helpful to others.
  • Do your work in the open. Share your ideas with the community as early as possible.
  • I'm a windows guy. I want my CRLFs. Personally, I'm using core.autocrlf=false.

Before sending the pull request

1) Pull in changes to your develop branch from the official repository.

git checkout develop
git pull upstream/develop

2) Rebase your feature branch against develop.

git checkout my-feature-branch
git rebase develop

3) Finally, merge in you feature branch to develop

git checkout develop
git merge --no-ff my-feature-branch

Pull request

Now you can do the pull request against the official develop branch. Read more about pull-requests here.

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