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Replaced with new repo and NuGets:


First. I have nothing to do with the awesome official library "Newtonsoft.Json". This is merely a tiny extension to it. In 2010 I was writing a NoSQL'ish document oriented provider over Microsoft SQL Server (SisoDB). While doing this I found the need for a custom contract resolver to Newtonsoft JSON.Net. One that supported private setters as well. I've written about the solutions to this problem before. Since it still seems to solve issues for people I have put up this GitHub repository and created a NuPkg available via NuGet for it as well.

Install-Package JsonNet.PrivateSettersContractResolvers

After that, you just consume it by creating an instance of either:

  • PrivateSetterContractResolver
  • PrivateSetterCamelCasePropertyNamesContractResolver

which you then assign to the JsonSerializerSettings.ContractResolver.

var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings
    ContractResolver = new PrivateSetterContractResolver()

var model = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Model>(json, settings);
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