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Uses NuGet.Server to provide a self-hosted NuGet Server with support for multiple configurable feeds.

Sample settings

A sample configuring two different feeds. The name of the feed is used to produce a URL friendly slug.

  "packagesDirPath": "Packages",
  "feeds": [
      "name": "Default", //produces URL "default"
      "apiKey": "foobar",
      "requiresApiKey": true,
      "nuGetServerSettings": {
        "allowOverrideExistingPackageOnPush": false,
        "ignoreSymbolsPackages": false,
        "enableDelisting": false,
        "enableFrameworkFiltering": false,
        "enableFileSystemMonitoring": true
      "name": "Some Weird Name", //produces URL "some-weird-name"
      "requiresApiKey": false,
      "nuGetServerSettings": {
        "ignoreSymbolsPackages": true


Since v0.3.0 TopShelf is no longer used. To install as service you can use sc.exe, e.g.

sc create LightNuGetServer start= auto binPath= "C:\SomePath\LightNuGetServer.Host.exe" DisplayName= LightNuGetServer

Adding an UrlAcl

In case you get an issue with not being able to start under the account you have assigned to use for your service, you might need to manually add an UrlAcl. This would look something like this (NOTE! port should match what is in the App.config):

netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:5000/ user="NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE"

Upload & Delete packages

Against the configured "Default" feed which is secured by an API-key:

nuget push .\Topshelf.4.0.3.nupkg -source http://localhost:5000/default -apikey foobar
nuget delete Topshelf 4.0.3 -source http://localhost:5000/default -apikey foobar

Against the configured "Public" feed which is not secured:

nuget push .\Topshelf.4.0.3.nupkg -source http://localhost:5000/some-weird-name
nuget delete Topshelf 4.0.3 -source http://localhost:5000/some-weird-name