Release notes

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Semantic versioning is used. See for more info. Basically this means that version format is: v[Major].[Minor].[Patch] and as long as Major hasn't been bumped, you should be able to update without any breaking API changes.

v5.1.0 - 2018-03-16

New: 143 Added new overload to Changes, to allow async consumption of the data.

v5.0.3 - 2017-11-19

[Fix]: 117: PostIndexRequest fails when explicitly setting Type

[Fix]: 136: DbConnectionInfo and host issues when behind reverse proxy/load balancer

[Update]: Multi target .NET4.5.1, .NET Standard 1.1, .NET Standard 2.0

[Update]: Lates Ensure.That and removed obsolete warnings.

v5.0.2 - 2017-10-04

[Update]: to latest Ensure.That as there were breaking changes.

[Update]: to latest Newtonsoft.

v5.0.0, v5.0.1 - 2017-07-something

Removed Cloudant and targets .NET Standard 1.1

v4.0.0 - 2015-11-25

NOTE! The constructor definition of the clients, e.g. MyCouchClient has changed.

Summary of all release candidates:

[Fixed]: issue94 Misstakenly used async void in some places... shame, shame, shame. This has bee refactored to use async Task instead, so now inner exceptions will bubble correctly at all places.

[Fixed] - issue93 Value types in: QueryViewRequest.Configure(q => q.Keys(10, 30); wasn't properly converted

[Fixed] - MyCouchStore when getting documents and headers via the AllDocs view, deleted docs are now filtered away.

[Fixed] - issue85 - GetHeaders now works if you query for non existing id. Thanks @ncruces

New - issue67 - Support for BulkRequest.AllOrNothing and BulkRequest.NewEdits. Thanks @tohogan!

New - PCL now should support aspnetcore as well. There will be a specific NON PCL for this before final release.

[Removed] - dependency on Ensure.That as a NuGet. It's now instead incorporated as a source package.

[Removed] - MyCouchUriBuilder use DbConnectionInfo or ServerConnectionInfo instead.

[Dropped] - support for .Net40 as it currently just brings pain for development and has a bug in the framework:

[Changed] - You now need to specify db-name explicitly when constructing a MyCouchClient. So the Uri is now pointing to the server address instead. MyCouch does not try to extract the db-name anymore from the provided Uri.

v4.0.0-rc6 - 2015-11-15

[Fixed]: issue94 Misstakenly used async void in some places... shame, shame, shame. This has bee refactored to use async Task instead, so now inner exceptions will bubble correctly at all places.

v4.0.0-rc5 - 2015-11-14

[Fixed] - issue93 Value types in: QueryViewRequest.Configure(q => q.Keys(10, 30); wasn't properly converted

v4.0.0-rc4 - 2015-11-09

[Fixed] - MyCouchStore when getting documents and headers via the AllDocs view, deleted docs are now filtered away.

v4.0.0-rc2 & rc3 - 2015-11-08

[Fixed] - issue85 - GetHeaders now works if you query for non existing id. Thanks @ncruces

New - issue67 - Support for BulkRequest.AllOrNothing and BulkRequest.NewEdits. Thanks @tohogan!

v4.0.0-rc1 - 2015-10-14

New - PCL now should support aspnetcore as well. There will be a specific NON PCL for this before final release.

[Removed] - dependency on Ensure.That as a NuGet. It's now instead incorporated as a source package.

[Removed] - MyCouchUriBuilder use DbConnectionInfo or ServerConnectionInfo instead.

[Dropped] - support for .Net40 as it currently just brings pain for development and has a bug in the framework:

[Changed] - You now need to specify db-name explicitly when constructing a MyCouchClient. So the Uri is now pointing to the server address instead. MyCouch does not try to extract the db-name anymore from the provided Uri.

v3.2.0 - 2015-05-01

New - Simplified how you can hook into the before- and after request, to intercept the request or response.

client.Connection.BeforeSend = async request =>
    request.Headers.Add("X-Something", "Weird");

client.Connection.AfterSend = async response =>
    var s = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();

The longer approach would be:

public class MyDbConnection : DbConnection
    public MyDbConnection(ConnectionInfo connectionInfo)
        : base(connectionInfo) {}

    protected override void OnBeforeSend(HttpRequest httpRequest)

    protected override void OnAfterSend(HttpResponseMessage httpResponse)

for use with a injected boostrapper:

var bs = new MyCouchClientBootstrapper
    DbConnectionFn = cnInfo => new MyDbConnection(cnInfo)
using (var client = new MyCouchClient("http://localhost:5984/foo", null, bs))
    //... ...

v3.1.1 - 2015-04-24

Bug-fix release.

[Fixed] - Issue #75 When having specific security for a database and performing a GET against a _design document to get the JSON of it using e.g. client.Documents.Get("_design/test") the HttpClient auto followed the underlying redirect returned by CouchDB, which did not work for design documents. With this release, MyCouch intercepts the redirect and redirects to it without encoding so that it works.

v3.1.0 - 2015-02-18

[Improved]: The entity reflection for working with _id and _rev members when using e.g. client.Entities are now by default cached between clients. If you don't want this, just inject a new MyCouchClientBootstrapper() to the MyCouchClient, then nothing is shared.

This means you should now not have any performance hits of creating client-per-request instead of sharing one.

New: Support for PUT of entities not having any _id and/or _rev member, by explicitly passing them as arguments. E.g:

var r1 = await client.Entities.PutAsync(
  "myid2", //explicitId
  new { Player = "Dan", Score = 42 });

var r2 = await client.Entities.PutAsync(
  "myid2", //explicitId
  new HighScore { Player = "Dan", Score = 42 });

var r3 = await client.Entities.PutAsync(
  "myid3", //explicitId
  "2-32a32...", //explicitRev
  new { Player = "Dan", Score = 42 });

var r4 = await client.Entities.PutAsync(
  "myid4", //explicitId
  new { Id = "IdNotBeingUsed", Player = "Dan", Score = 42 });

If you pass in an entity that has properties for [_id, Id, DocumentId....] (see conventions in the wiki) and/or [_rev, Rev, DocumentRev...]; those will be updated in the entity, with the explicitId being passed, as well as the new _rev returned by CouchDB.

New: Support for Show functions. Thanks to @indranilatcal for PR#66.

var showRequest = new QueryShowRequest("mydesigndoc", "myshowfunc")
    .Configure(c => c.DocId("someDocId"));

var xmlShowRequest = new QueryShowRequest("mydesigndoc", "myshowfunc")
    .Configure(c => c.DocId("someDocId").Accepts(HttpContentTypes.Xml));

var response1 = await client.Documents.ShowAsync(showRequest);
var response2 = await client.Documents.ShowAsync(xmlShowRequest);

response1.Content ... ...;
response2.Content ... ...;

v3.0.0 - 2014-12-29

[Changed]: Dependencies on Reactive-Extensions has been removed. The only operation that makes uses of IObservable is when you consume the Changes stream. You can then if you want, naturally take a dependency on RX if you want.

[Changed]: DbClientConnection --renamed--> DbConnection.

[Changed]: ServerClientConnection --renamed--> ServerConnection.

[Changed]: MyCouchClient and MyCouchServerClient no longer accepts IDbConnection or IServerConnection. Instead, these are located on the MyCouchClientBootstrapper.DbConnectionFn | ServerConnectionFn.

New: MyCouchClient and MyCouchServerClient now accepts an instance of ConnectionInfo which can be used to configure e.g. cnInfo.Timeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(Timeout.Infinite) useful e.g. if you consume the continuous changes stream as discussed here:

New: Inital support for Cloudant's MongoDB inspired queries using MyCouchCloudantClient.Queries.FindAsync. Initially you provide the SelectorExpression using simple JSON-strings. You can of course use e.g. Newtonsoft's JObject. Thanks to @indranilatcal for the work with PR #54 (

More dynamic/friendly configuration will come. But for now, you can e.g. define your expressions like this:

request.Configure(q => q.SelectorExpression("{\"author.age\": {\"$gt\": 42}");


var selector = new JObject
    {"author.age", new JObject
            {"$gt", 32}

request.Configure(q => q.SelectorExpression(selector);

New: Response.ETag which will be populated when applicable, e.g. for ViewQueryResponses.

New: Support for defining a List-function when querying a view (secondary index) via e.g. QueryViewRequest.Configure(c => c.WithList("mylist")) which is applicable for use with client.Views.QueryRawAsync

[Fix]: Ooops. Fields of the custom MyCouchResponseException were never populated. Thanks to @hambroz and PR #63 (

v2.6.0 - 2014-10-21

New feature release.

v2.5.0 - 2014-10-14

New feature release.

v2.4.2 - 2014-10-11

Please note, this release has different behavior for .Net4.0 vs .Net4.5. See below for more info.

More info about this in the docs: Support for _id in the need of encoding

v2.4.1 - 2014-09-18

  • [Fix]: When querying a view (secondary-index) and that returns a complex-key with an array: [["a", "b"], 1123134] the nested array was not parsed correctly as pointed out in (issue #46)

v2.4.0 - 2014-09-06

  • New: Thanks to @indranilatcal there's now support for drilldown when using the CloudantClient.Searches

v2.3.0 - 2014-09-01

  • New: Thanks to @indranilatcal there's now support for counts and ranges when using the CloudantClient.Searches
  • [Fix]: MyCouchCloudantServerClient was not included in Net40

v2.2.2 - 2014-08-26

Fix release.

v2.2.0 - 2014-06-17

  • [Fix]: When configuring queries via Query used in MyCouchStore or QueryViewRequest used in Client.Views; e.g. Configure(q => q.Keys(mykeys)) where mykeys was null or empty, the underlying query got executed against all documents. If you still need this behavior, you can assign the value using the property instead of the fluent configuration methods, e.g.: Configure(q => q.Keys = mykeys).
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetHeaders(ids) : IObservable<DocumentHeader>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetHeadersAsync(ids, callback)
  • New: BulkResponse.Row.Succeeded:bool to indicate if the individual row succeeded or not.

v2.1.1 - 2014-06-16

Fix release for yesterdays release. Await was not configured correctly, hence calls to MycouchStore could hang in e.g. webapp.

v2.1.0 - 2014-06-15

Added a new simple feature for Cloudant, to generate new API-keys. The rest of the release has been about extending IMyCouchStore with some more "simplifying" members.



  • New: MyCouchStore.SetAsync used to overwrite last revision of a document without knowing the last known revision. To minimize overhead, it uses a simple HEAD request to look up the revision. NOTE If you know the rev, use StoreAsync instead.
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetByIds(ids[]) : IObservable<string>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetByIds<TEntity>(ids[]) : IObservable<TEntity>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetByIdsAsync(ids[], callback):Task<QueryInfo>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetByIdsAsync<TEntity>(ids[], callback) : Task<QueryInfo>
  • New: MyCouchStore.DeleteAsync(id) - look up latest rev once. NOTE If you know the rev, use DeleteAsync(id, rev) instead.
  • New: MyCouchStore.DeleteAsync<TEntity>(entity, lookupRev = false) - look up latest rev once if true.
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetValueByKeys(view, keys[]) : IObservable<string>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetValueByKeys<TEntity>(view, keys[]) : IObservable<TEntity>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetIncludedDocByKeys(view, keys[]) : IObservable<string>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetIncludedDocByKeys<TEntity>(view, keys[]) : IObservable<TEntity>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetValueByKeysAsync(view, keys[], callback) : Task<QueryInfo>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetIncludedDocByKeysAsync(view, keys[], callback) : Task<QueryInfo>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetValueByKeysAsync<TEntity>(view, keys[], callback) : Task<QueryInfo>
  • New: MyCouchStore.GetIncludedDocByKeysAsync<TEntity>(view, keys[], callback) : Task<QueryInfo>

v2.0.0 - 2014-05-18

Some breaking changes that you need to be aware of. The one affecting data is described below (and how you can reset old behavior). Also. The serialization and deserialization proccess has been reworked.

  • New: GetDocumentRequest.Conflicts:bool if set to true, the JSON returned will include the _conflicts array.
  • New: GetEntityRequest.Conflicts:bool if set to true, the JSON returned will include the _conflicts array.
  • [Fix]: Only top level members of entities should fall under the convention rules with: _id, DocumentId, EntityId and Id.
  • [Fix]: Ensure that Rev is populated in GET of Document or Entity.
  • [Fix]: Ensure that ids etc. are URL encoded before sending as part of URLs.
  • [CHANGED]: When using the convention based serialization via Client.Entities where PUT and POST inserts documents, it adds a value for $docType. PREVIOUSLY the value (name of the class) vas lower-case, it's now camel-cased instead. You can configure this via the MyCouchClientBootstrapper.SerializationConfiguration. Let it return a SerializationConfiguration object where configuration.Conventions.DocType is assigned to one that supports the old format.
  • [Changed]: GET on documents now returns GetDocumentResponse but it still extends DocumentResponse.
  • [Changed]: GET on entities now returns GetEntityResponse<T> but it still extends EntityResponse<T>.
  • [Changed]: Replication via ServerClient.Databases.Replicate is now accessed via ServerClient.Replicator.Replicate instead, and now uses the _replicator database instead. This ensures that e.g. continuous replications survives restarts. To stop a continuous replication, just delete the document from the _replicator db.
  • [Changed]: The HttpRequestFactories now returns a custom HttpRequest instead of HttpRequestMessage and they now generate relative URLs instead of complete URIs. The complete URI is generated at Send in the underlying Connection implementation.
  • [Changed]: There is now only one Serializer (DefaultSerializer) that is configured in TWO different ways in the boostrapper. The one that is configured and used on IMyCouchClient.Serializer is vanilla serialization. Then for Entities and Views and IMyCouchClient.DocumentSerializer there is one that supports some conventions. It should now only try to map _id between e.g. DocumentId, Id, _Id, EntityId, [Class]Id if it's a property on the root.
  • [Changed]: There is now only one MyCouchClientBootstrapper and it's configuration has changed.
  • [Changed]: Connection now accepts a HttpRequest instead of HttpRequestMessage.
  • [Remove]: The member that was marked as obsolete EntityResponse.Entity has been removed. Use Content instead.

v1.0.0 - 2014-04-16

Cleaning up interfaces from multitudes of overloads etc. that could be added by you using extension methods. Focus has also been on creating server based operations. The current MyCouchClient has been oriented around database operations. The new MyCouchServerClient can be used to handle e.g. replication and to create databases etc.

  • [Removed]: Some querying overloads to IMyCouchStore and IViews has been removed. If needed, add simplification overloads as extension methods instead.

  • [Removed]: Some search overloads to Cloudant.ISearches has been removed. If needed, add simplification overloads as extension methods instead.

  • [Removed]: ClientExecuteExtensions which had extension methods for allowing e.g. client.PerformAsync(request). If needed, add as custom extension methods in your code-base.

  • [Removed]: Ensure.That as NuGet package dependency. Instead included as source.

  • [Changed]: Database.GetAsync now returns typed GetDatabaseResponse instead of TextResponse.

  • [Changed]: Database(s) operations that previously returned generic TextResponse now returns specific DatabaseHeaderResponse.

  • [Changed]: The custom request header that is added to each HttpRequest and removed in Connection just before it's sent to CouchDb, is now named mycouch-request-type instead of mycouch-type.

  • [Changed]: Query used in conjunction with IMyCouchStore is now configured the same way as QueryViewRequests. Hence either by setting properties or by calling fluent: query.Configure(q => q.Stale(false).IncludeDocs(true));.

  • [Changed]: IMyCouchStore.ObservableQuery is now IMyCouchStore.Query.

  • [Changed]: MyCouchException is now MyCouchResponseException.

  • [Changed]: When generating JSON for query request, e.g. for JSON compatible dates, the internal serializer is now used for this. This leads to that also milliseconds will be passed and not only seconds.

  • [Changed]: client.Database.ViewCleanup is now client.Database.ViewCleanupAsync

  • New: Support for Windows store 8 & 8.1 is now provided using a Portable class library.

  • New: IMyCouchStore.QueryAsync returns a slimmed down result with e.g TotalRows, Offset etc. while you get the actual row-data via a callback.

  • New: GetDocumentRequest now has a Conflicts:bool property that can be set to have _conflicts being part of the document response.

  • New: MyCouchServerClient used for connecting against a "server" and not to a certain "db" to perform stuff like replication.

v0.23.0 - 2014-03-28

  • New: Support for persisting anonymous types, e.g. client.Entities.PostAsync(new { Name ="Daniel" })
  • New: Added the overload for consuming the changes API via callback, back. So either you can use that or RX and IObservable.

v0.22.0 - 2014-03-15

  • New: MyCouch.MyCouchStore simplified and opinionated abstraction over a IMyCouchClient. Lets you work with entities and JSON directly without going via http-requests and http-responses. It also lets you query views, using IObservable<>. E.g:
    • s.StoreAsync(json):Task<DocumentHeader>
    • s.StoreAsync<TEntity>(entity):Task<TEntity>
    • s.GetByIdAsync(id, [rev]):Task<string>
    • s.GetByIdAsync<TEntity>(id, [rev]):Task<TEntity>
    • s.ObservableQuery<TEntity>(query) : IObservable<Row<TEntity>>
  • New: Client.Database.GetAsync() where Response.Content will contain JSON with db-info.
  • [Changed]: Client.Databases is now Client.Database since it operates on the current database.
  • [Changed]: Documents.ExistsAsync is now Documents.HeadAsync. Exists is now part of an abstraction/simplification in the new MyCouch.MyCouchStore.
  • [Changed]: Internal changes to Responses and ResponseFactories.
  • [Changed]: EntityResponses now have Content instead of Entity as a property. The Entity property is marked as obsolete.
  • [Changed]: QuerySystemViewRequest has been removed. The QueryViewRequest now supports either only specifying ViewName and not DesignDocument or by injecting a SystemViewIdentity.
  • [Changed]: Fixed misspell of Bootstraper to Bootstrapper, affecting MyCouchClientBootstraper and MyCouchCloudantClientBootstraper
  • [Removed]: Helper for machine specific connection strings. It has nothing to do with MyCouch. But the helper is documented here if you want to add it.

v0.21.0 - 2014-01-20

This is an upcoming release. Focus has been on making names more "friendly" in setting the context as well as some small fixes.

  • [Fix]: '$doctype' was included as empty value if anonymous type. Should not be included at all for anonymous types.
  • [Fix]: PUT now accepts id's with chars that should be escaped, e.g. _design/some_name.
  • [Fix]: In some responses, if no _id was returned in the actual response, MyCouch tried to extract it from the requested resource by inspecting ut URI, this was also done in the case of a POST, which should not be done.
  • New: Added simple helpers to ViewQueryResponse.Row, which lets you read the Key in different formats.
  • [Changed]: IClient is now IMyCouchClient
  • [Changed]: Client is now MyCouchClient
  • [Changed]: ClientBootstraper is now MyCouchClientBootstraper
  • [Changed]: ICloudantClient is now IMyCouchCloudantClient
  • [Changed]: CloudantClient is now MyCouchCloudantClient
  • [Changed]: CloudantClientBootstraper is now MyCouchCloudantClientBootstraper

v0.20.0 - 2014-01-16

This release has mostly been about enabling more meta-data in documents.

  • [Changed]: $doctype is now also injected for Client.Documents operations and not only Client.Entities. More info
  • [Changed]: $doctype will not be injected for anonymous types. More info
  • New: DocumentAttribute can be used to provide meta-data like DocType, which will be used by the serializer to generated the $doctype value. If not specified, the Type.Name will be used instead. Read more here: More info
  • New: DocumentAttribute.DocNamespace - Read more
  • New: DocumentAttribute.DocVersion - Read more
  • New: Client.Documents.Serializer vs Client.Serializer. The former has some convention support as $doctype; the later has no support what so ever for conventions. More a pure JSON.Net serializer.
  • New: PostDocumentRequest and PutDocumentRequest now has a bool Batch property that can be set to true to get batch write behavior.

v0.18.0, v0.19.0 - 2013-11-17

This was intended to be a pure fix release, hence v0.17.1 but since upgrade to VS2013 and me not adding the extension to keep supporting Windows Store 8 apps and only Windows store 8.1 apps, this release has updated the Windows store lib to 8.1. IF YOU WANT 8.0, please let me know. Also v0.19.0 is the same codebase, just messed up some NuGet stuff.

  • [Fix/Changed]: Enums are now seraialized as strings. If you want to treat it as numeric, use the bootstraper to inject a custom serialization configuration:
  • [Fix]: When creating a query on keys, enums where not formatted correctly.
  • [Changed]: Windows store lib has been updated to target 8.1 and not 8.0. Please let me know if you need 8.0 support.

v0.17.0 - 2013-10-30

This realease has been about getting MyCouch.Cloudant out, with support for Lucene Searches.

  • [Fix]: Stale for View queries where formatted incorrectly.
  • New: New NuGet package MyCouch.Cloudant which contains cloudant specific features. The first feature to be released is support for Lucene searches according to Cloudant docs.
  • [Changed]: QueryViewRequest.View is now named QueryViewRequest.ViewIdentity
  • [Changed]: All fields that represents a sequence like last_seq in a Change feed response, is now treated as a string. This since Cloudant has the notion of a bookmark which is a string. And this will also be more future proof.

v0.16.0 - 2013-10-22

Small release to support inheritance for entities.

  • New: You can now have a ModelId and ModelRev defined in a base-class named: [ClassName]Id or [ClassName]Rev. This was raised by user request: read

v0.15.0 - 2013-10-21

Small release to simplify working with HttpRequest at the lowest level.

  • New: The HttpRequest now gets a custom header mycouch-type and mycouch-entitytype (defined in HttpRequest.CustomHeaders) which could be used in the IConnection to perform additional logic before sending the actual request. NOTE! By default, these headers are removed right before sending them to e.g. CouchDb. You can read an example use-case with Cloudant here.

v0.14.0 - 2013-10-17

Main focus on Changes feed support. This is hopefully also the last "major" changes introduced of the public API, before going v1.0.0.

  • New: GetChangesRequest is used to consume the _changes view of CouchDb and is accessed via Client.Changes.GetChangesAsync or via Client.Perform(request). Supported feeds are: Normal, Longpolling and Continuous. Read more in the docs
  • New: ContentType has been added to responses. Mostly because you need it when working with attachments.
  • New: Client.Views.Query<TValue, TIncluded>(request) which should be used when you want any IncludedDoc of the view query to be of a specific type. If not set, it will be treated as RAW-JSON.
  • [Fixed/Changed]: Attachments were wrongly base64 encoding data upon PUT of attachments before sending it to CouchDb and then decoding when doing GET. Only inline attachments should be base64 encoded and only on the way in. NOTE! You will have to decode any previously stored attachments when doing GETs.
  • [Changed]: JsonViewQueryResponse is now ViewQueryResponse, hence there are now ViewQueryResponse<T> and ViewQueryResponse (the latest is used to get raw JSON responses).
  • [Changed]: The internal custom deserialization of e.g. view query results has been rewritten and simplified, just to make the code-base much slimmer and easier to work with.
  • [Changed]: ICommand is now IRequest and all commands are placed under Requests.
  • [Changed]: ViewQuery is now QueryViewRequest and placed under Requests.
  • [Changed]: SystemViewQuery is now QuerySystemViewRequest.
  • [Changed]: ViewQueryOptions which was used in ViewQuery.Options is now removed, and all options are instead located directly on QueryViewRequest.
  • [Changed]: ViewQueryConfigurator is now QueryViewRequestConfigurator and located under MyCouch.Requests.Configurators.
  • [Changed]: The simplifying Client extension methods for performing requests, e.g. Client.ExecuteAsync(GetChangesRequest) is now renamed to PerformAsync to better reflect that it is a request and not a command.

v0.13.1 - 2013-09-27

  • [Fixed]: Disposal of requests and responses.
  • [Fixed]: Misspelling of ClientBootsraper, which now is ClientBootstraper.

v0.13.0 - 2013-09-24

The work of this release has been focused on bringing in support for keys being other that strings. As integers, floats, booleans, dates and complex-keys (arrays).

  • New: Support for keys other than string when building queries against views.
  • New: Support for complex keys when building queries against views.
  • [Changed]: ViewQueryOptions doesn't specify defaults anymore. If you don't provide values for the query options, no default value will be sent to CouchDb, but the defaults in CouchDb will be used instead. This has required e.g. a change of some value types on ViewQueryOptions to become Nullable<T> instead of T.

v0.12.0 - 2013-09-14

This release has a bunch of internal changes and some public. The one breaking change you most likely will encounter is the change of client.Views.RunQueryAsync is now client.Views.QueryAsync.

  • [Fixed]: Bug with query of views that does not return any keys, previously caused an exception. This has now been fixed.
  • [Fixed]: Bug with Delete of Entity without Id and Rev, causing try of delete of db.
  • [Fixed]: Requests sent for querying views are now sent using POST to not get constraints of many keys creating a to long query-string.
  • [Changed]: Views.RunQueryAsync is now named Views.QueryAsync.
  • [Changed]: No more class requirement on T of ViewQueryResponse<T>. Hence you can now use it on simple reduces returning e.g. an integer.
  • [Changed]: ViewQueryResponse<T>.Row.Doc is now named IncludedDoc. This since it better reflects that the value that ends up in there is the value included in the result if you use include_docs=true.
  • [Changed]: ViewQueryResponse<T> supports string, string[], dynamic, entity and now even simple values like int.
  • [Changed]: Everything with responses has been moved into namespace MyCouch.Responses.
  • [Changed]: All "API-Context" implementations is now located under the namespace MyCouch.Contexts
  • [Changed]: Internal dependencies to API-contexts like Documents, Attachments etc. to simplify bootstraping.
  • [Changed]: Internals of response factories.
  • [Changed]: response.GenerateToStringDebugVersion is now response.ToStringDebugVersion.

v0.11.0 - 2013-08-26

  • [Fixed]: The NuGet package did not resolve dependencies correctly
  • New: MyCouchUriBuilder for assisting with building Uris that has credentials.
  • New: Configurations.ConnectionString simple helper for allowing machine specific remote URLs when working on multiple machines.

v0.10.0 - 2013-08-25

Still not v1.0.0 and before starting to add more features, this release has been about redesigning stuff, adding bootstraping and making it modular. That means, you really don't need an IClient instance. You could easily use each sub-component (IDocuements, IEntities, IViews, IAttachments, IDatabases) on it's own, and thereby compose your own client. Some parts has been moved and renamed. Ping me if you encounter any issues and I'll help you sort them out.

  • [Removed]: The synchronous API has been removed. More info
  • New: Added the possibility to inject a ClientBootstraper.
  • [Changed]: The Client.Serializer does not have the specific entity conventions anymore. For a serializer with that, use: Client.Entities.Serializer.
  • [Moved]: IClient.EntityReflector now lies beneath Client.Entities.

v0.9.1 - 2013-08-16

v0.9.0 - 2013-08-16

This is mainly a release for bringing MyCouch to .Net4.0 and Windows Store apps (WinRT/NetCore4.5). During this redesign some slight internal differences might have occurred. There's still just ONE NuGet. Read more under Prerequisites

v0.8.1 - 2013-06-13

  • [Fix]: Any await is now used in conjunction with ConfigureAwait(false) so that no marshaling is being done back to e.g UI context.

v0.8.0 - 2013-06-03

  • [Changed]: All commands has been moved to namespace MyCouch.Commands
  • [Changed]: ViewQuery and SystemViewQuery has been moved one level up from MyCouch.Querying to MyCouch.
  • New: Introduced command classes for almost everything you can do with MyCouch. These can be used on client.Documents, client.Attachments and client.Entities as well as via client.Execute(cmd) and client.ExecuteAsync(cmd). This is done as a step, making it easier to execute the same command against several db-instances.
  • New: GetDocumentCommand used via client.Documents.Get(cmd) or client.Execute
  • New: DeleteDocumentCommand used via client.Documents.Delete(cmd) or client.Execute
  • New: PutDocumentCommand used via client.Documents.Put(cmd) or client.Execute
  • New: PostDocumentCommand used via client.Documents.Post(cmd) or client.Execute
  • New: DocumentExistsCommand used via client.Documents.Exists(cmd) or client.Execute
  • New: GetEntityCommand used via client.Entities.Get(cmd) or client.Execute

v0.7.0 - 2013-06-02

  • New: Simple support (PUT, GET, DELETE) for attachments via Client.Attachments.
  • [Changed]: Client.Databases is now Client.Database and it operates on the database you specified in the path for the client and does not allow you to pass another database name anymore. For that you now need to create a specific client instance.
  • [Changed]: JsonDocumentResponse is now DocumentResponse.

v0.6.1 - 2013-05-25

  • [Fixed]: Document conflicts (409 responses) did not return the Id in the response. The _rev is still not populated since the CouchDb response with the conflict does not provide the current _rev.

v0.5.0 & 0.6.0 - 2013-05-22

  • [Changed]: CopyDocumentResponse and ReplaceDocumentResponse is replaced by DocumentHeaderResponse which represents a document without any body content.
  • [Changed: Client.Post and Client.Put and Client.Delete now returns the new DocumentHeaderResponse since these operations has no body.
  • New: Client.Documents.Exists(id, [rev]):DocumentHeaderResponse - uses the possibility of a simple HEAD request, which doesn't return the actual document from CouchDb, just _id and _rev.
  • New: The debug compiled ToString result of a response is now available even in release but then via response.GenerateToStringDebugVersion()

v0.4.0 - 2013-05-07

  • New: Client.Documents.Copy:CopyDocumentResponse which allows you to copy a document, by _id and/or _rev. Documentation
  • New: Client.Documents.Replace:ReplaceDocumentResponse which allows you to make a copy of a document and overwrite another document with that copy. Documentation
  • [Misc]: Some cleanups

v0.3.0 - 2013-05-05

  • New: Support for batch/bulk operations ( by using BulkCommand via Client.Documents.Bulk(cmd):BulkResponse.
  • [Changed]: Separated Documents and Entities by creating Client.Entities.
  • New: Simplified queries of views for JSON by not having to specify <string>. If you want view result as JSON, you can now do Client.Views.RunQuery(query) instead of Client.Views.RunQuery<string>(query)

v0.2.1 - 2013-05-01

  • [Fix]: Removed unnecessary use of async/await.

v0.2.0 - 2013-05-01

  • New: You can now inject custom IConnection implementations. E.g if you wan't to have some custom headers etc or wrap the connection for logging, diagnostics....what ever.
  • New: The BasicHttpClientConnection now supports username:pwd for use with basic authentication via the URL, e.g. http://username:password@localhost:5984/testdb

v0.1.0 - 2013-04-27

First release which has support for Post, Put, Delete, Get and queries of views. Please note it's an early release.

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