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A simple recent tweets widget (and shortcode)
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This is the code from a WPtuts+ tutorial. It is a fork from the author, Stephen Harris.

To use it just add it to your plug-in folder.


  • 'Recent Tweets' widget

  • 'Recent Tweets' shortcode: e.g [wp_recent_tweets screen_name="YOUR_TWITTER_USERNAME" count=5 published_when=1 include_rts=1 ]

The settings for the widget / shortcode are:

  • sreen_name: Twitter screen name

  • count: number of tweets to retrieve

  • published_when: 1| 0 - whether to show when the tweet was published (true =1, false =0)

  • include_rts: 1| 0 - whether to include retweets (true =1, false =0)


WPtuts+ "How to Create a Recent Tweets Widget" -

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