GNUradio decoder for AAUSAT
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GNUradio decoder for AAUSAT

This is an unofficial decoder for the AAUSAT satellites based on software from the Aalborg university.

Currently, it only works with AAUSAT-4.

There is a complete telemetry decoder based on this software in gr-satellites.


  • FEC decoding from Aalborg bbctl software
  • CSP header parsing using gr-csp
  • Beacon parsing of EPS and COM fields (format take from the university team parser)
  • Beacon parsing of ADCS and some AIS2 fields (format reverse engineered)

Prerequisites: You need to install gr-csp and gr-synctags.


 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ..
 sudo make install
 sudo ldconfig

Then you can open examples/aausat-4.grc to test that the decoder is working.