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IDA Pro plugin that implements more user-friendly register and stack views
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License: GPL v3

deReferencing is an IDA Pro plugin that implements new registers and stack views. Adds dereferenced pointers, colors and other useful information, similar to some GDB plugins (e.g: PEDA, GEF, pwndbg, etc).

Supports following architectures: x86, x86-64, ARM, ARM64, MIPS32 and MIPS64


  • IDA-Pro >= 7.2


Just drop the file and the dereferencing folder into IDA's plugin directory.

To install just for the current user, copy the files into one of these directories:

OS Plugin path
Linux/macOS ~/.idapro/plugins
Windows %AppData%\Hex-Rays\IDA Pro\plugins


Both views can be opened from the menu Debugger -> Debugger Windows or by shortcuts:

  • deREferencing - Registers (Alt-Shift-D)
  • deREferencing - Stack (Alt-Shift-E)

You also can save the desktop layout using the Windows -> Save desktop option, so that the plugin starts automatically in other debugging sessions.


Config options can be modified vía deferencing/ file.


Registers view


Stack view



Special mention to my colleague @roman_soft for give me some ideas during the development of the plugin.

Bugs / Feedback / PRs

Any comment, issue or pull request will be highly appreciated :-)


  • Daniel García Gutiérrez - @danigargu
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