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= Navigation Tags
Provides hierarchical tree navigation based on Radiant's site structure. Outputs navigation in the form of a -very flexible and CSS'able- unordered list. Also provides r:if_self and r:if_ancestor_or_self
== Usage
<r:nav [root="/"] [include_root="true"] [depth="2"] [expand_all="true"] [ids_for_lis="true"] />
Given this directory tree:
* Home
** About
*** Contact us
** Blog
*** First Article
*** Second Article
** Catalog
<r:nav /> would output a navigation list like:
<li class="parent_of_current has_children"><a href="/about/">About</a>
<li class="current"><a href="/about/contact">Contact Us</a></li>
<li class="has_children"><a href="/blog/">Blog</a></li>
<li class="has_children"><a href="/catalogue">Catalogue</a></li>
== Available tag attributes:
* ids_for_lis: defaults to false, enable this to give each li an id (it's slug)
* root: defaults to "/", which page to start building the navigation from
* include_root: defaults to false, set to true to include the root page (i.e. Home)
* depth: defaults to 2, which will print out the first two levels of pages.
* expand_all: defaults to false, enable this to have all li's create sub-ul's of their children, i.o. only the currently active li
* id, class, monkeyballs, ... will be used as html attributes for the ul
* This does not behave like the original extension and has been made to simply support calling the tag
* Ryan Heneise
* Marty Haught
* Benny Degezelle