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Turn Python scripts into handouts with Markdown and figures
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Python Handout


Turn Python scripts into handouts with Markdown comments and inline figures. An alternative to Jupyter notebooks without hidden state that supports any text editor.

Code Handout
Code Handout

Getting started

You use Python Handout as a library inside a normal Python program:

  1. Install via pip3 install -U handout.
  2. Run your script via python3 (You can start with the from the repository.)
  3. Open output/index.html in your browser to view the result.
  4. Iterate and refresh your browser.


Create the handout via doc = handout.Handout(outdir) to access these features:

Feature Example
Add Markdown text as triple-quote comments. """Markdown text"""
Add text via print() syntax. doc.add_text('text:', variable)
Add image from array or url. doc.add_image(image, 'png', width=1)
Add video from array or url. doc.add_video(video, 'gif', fps=30, width=1)
Add matplotlib figure. doc.add_figure(fig, width=1)
Add custom HTML. doc.add_html(string)
Insert added items and save to <outdir>/index.html.


Feel free to create an issue on Github.

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