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Haque Ishfaq hmishfaq

Stanford University Palo Alto, CA

Jason Han JasonHanG

Deep Learning /Machine Learning /Big data,learning by doing~ always keep hands dirty!

Marek Wydmuch Marqt

Machine Learning and 3D graphics enthusiast

Poznań, Poland

Ning Kang arsenal0502

Nanjing University Nanjing

Levi Zell verjur

My interests include: machine learning, data science, neuroscience, physiology, electronics, IoT and related fields

Missoula, MT

monad-one monad-one

I am into technology, feature implementation, research and analysis • across the stack-everything including the web browser, desktop, large screens and backend

Kun Shao nanxintin

PhD student, Deep Reinforcement Learning, CAS


Oliver Hennigh loliverhennigh

Air Force Research Lab Rome, Ny

GengJ saicoco

EZ Life

XiaMen, China

Manojreddy Amireddy ManojreddyAmireddy

Electronics and Electrical Engineering IIT GUWAHATI

Jie Zhang jiegzhan

Software Engineer (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Elasticsearch)

Envestnet | Yodlee, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Marvin slayerpart

Computer Scientist and Developer


Albert Lee GeekLiB

AR and Unity Developer,CV and ML ,AI Researcher. Ps: Space exploration

San Francisco,CA

Evan Casey evancasey

@recursecenter New York, NY

Nima Hejazi nhejazi

(Bio)Statistics PhD student & Data Scientist: machine learning, causal inference, nonparametrics, applied statistics, scientific computing.

UC Berkeley Oakland, CA, USA

Vishal Goklani vgoklani

Interested in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Astrophysics, Cosmology, algorithmic trading, and rocket ships.

New York, NY

Emre Şafak esafak

Kahuna Redwood City, CA

Willi Gierke WGierke

Software engineering student from Berlin. Passionate back-end and mobile developer with strong interest in IT security and big data analytics.

Berlin, Germany

Adrian Sieber adius

Developer, entrepreneur & designer.

@feramhq Germany

Jack C Crawford jackccrawford

I'm founder and CEO of a fantastic (I think so) startup that is building amazing models for interpretation, prediction and otherwise human empowering AI. San Francisco, CA

Moheb mhbashari


CRCIS, @karans-co Qom,Iran

Tony Hsu sunprinceS

:sunny: NTUEE student My research area focuses on speech processing and NLP :D

National Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan