Force delete everything in Trash on Mac OS X when it's being problematic. No Terminal required.
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Delete All

Delete All Trash

Version: 1.3.2
Licence: BSD 2-clause
Copyright: Danijel James (c) 2013


Deletes everything in the Trash on Mac OS X when it is not allowing you to delete, even after a restart. Will delete everything from all connected hard drives.

Requires sudo access in Terminal or Administrator password in Mac OS X.


Double-click the Delete All Trash Mac App or run the shell script from Terminal.

To run the script in Terminal, make it executable by chmod +x first then ./ requires sudo access.


  • Included more volume trash directories
  • Added sudo to

To-Do List

  1. Fix up GUI for OS X app
  2. Include option to delete all trash or just current user
  3. Option to empty trash for all users
  4. Add switches to shell script
  5. Shell script to include built-in man page
  6. Get an icon for the application

More Info

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