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Danil Kutkevich — Back-end developer


  1. 2021 Ozon

  2. 2018—2021 [Rocketbank][]

  3. 2016—2018 [Xena][]

  4. 2016—2018 Armor5Games

    • Backend of the Rise of Pirates mobile game on Go, MySQL and MongoDB. For example, acceptance of payments via Apple Store. 120 RPS and 50,000 of new users per week

    • Backend of the Bing Han Garden mobile game on Go, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. For example, RESTful API, payments via Google Play/Apple Store, as well as not fully implemented real-time TCP server

  5. 2013—2016 Waveaccess

    • Automation of certification of the therapy/medications reconciliation on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. Healthcare Document Management System*, more than 50 models

    • Telehealth system on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. For example, payments via Paypal, as well as WebRTC video conference

    • Prototype of the electronic marketplace for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Clojure and PostgreSQL

    • Performance testing system which triggered by CI on AWS for the Fhirbase/medical data storage based on PostgreSQL and FHIR

  6. 2012—2013 Molinos

    • Nevareaktiv supplier of chemicals on Ruby on Rails and MySQL. The most interesting — is the full-text Sphinx Search

    • Developed a collaborative blog on Ruby on Rails and MySQL for the Omorfia ongoing contest

  7. 2010—2012 Avers
    Freelancing platform on Ruby on Rails and MySQL and also there the Sphinx Search for KLADR* addresses and generator of PDF tax return for sole proprietors

  8. 2008—2010 John studio
    Site of the SKA Ice Hockey Club on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. The most interesting — it is the Nginx configuration

  9. 2004—2008 Darout Service
    I have rewritten frontend of the hotel booking site from ColdFusion to JavaServer Faces

  10. 2003—2004 [Investment Company Lenmontazhstroy][lmisc]
    My first project is a corporate site on PHP and MySQL


The Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications 1997—2001
Information Technology, 3rd year

Резюме на русском языке: