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Whenever cursor jumps some distance or moves between windows, it will flash so you can see where it is

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Beacon.nvim - see your cursor jump

Whenever cursor jumps some distance or moves between windows, it will flash so you can see where it is. This plugin is heavily inspired by emacs package beacon.

Note: required versions neovim v0.4+ or vim v8.2+. Working on support for older versions.



  1. Add the following configuration to your .vimrc.

     Plug 'danilamihailov/beacon.nvim'
  2. Install with :PlugInstall.

Or use your favorite plugin manager


Disable beacon

Just set

let g:beacon_enable = 0

and beacon will be disabled, but you still can use :Beacon command to highlight cursor. See commands.

Changing color

Beacon is highlighted by Beacon group, so you can change it like this:

highlight Beacon guibg=white ctermbg=15

use guibg if you have termguicolors enabled, otherwise use ctermbg.

Changing beacon size

let g:beacon_size = 40

When to show beacon

If you only want to see beacon when cursor changes windows, you can set

let g:beacon_show_jumps = 0

and it will ignore jumps inside buffer. By default shows all jumps.

You can change what beacon considers significant jump, by changing

let g:beacon_minimal_jump = 10


You can disable shrinking animation by setting

let g:beacon_shrink = 0

enabled by default

You can disable fading animation by setting (neovim only)

let g:beacon_fade = 0

enabled by default.

You can set g:beacon_timeout to hide beacon early, by default it set to 500ms.

Ignoring buffers

To ignore a buffer you can set list of regexes

g:beacon_ignore_buffers = [\w*git*\w]

Ignoring filetypes

To ignore filetypes you can set list of filetypes

g:beacon_ignore_filetypes = ['fzf']


There is 4 commands available.

  • :Beacon highlight current position (even if plugin is disabled)
  • :BeaconToggle toggle g:beacon_enable variable
  • :BeaconOn enable Beacon
  • :BeaconOff disable Beacon


If you want cursor to be highlighted when you jump to searches with n/N regardless of distance, use this mappings

nmap n n:Beacon<cr>
nmap N N:Beacon<cr>
nmap * *:Beacon<cr>
nmap # #:Beacon<cr>

Hide cursor line on inactive windows

augroup MyCursorLineGroup
    au WinEnter * setlocal cursorline
    au WinLeave * setlocal nocursorline
augroup end

Similar plugins

How it works

Whenever plugin detects some kind of a jump, it's showing floating window at the cursor position and using winblend fades window out.