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What's this?

This is a grails plugin that is a wrapper for shorten API method. To short urls.


grails install-plugin bitly-shortener


In Config.groovy should be configured login, apiKey; and optionally the custom domain (may be your own domain if you have a premium account).

bitly.login = "danilat"
bitly.apiKey = "R_FooBar"
bitly.domain = "" //optional

How to

There are 2 grails grails artifacts, a service bitlyService:

def shortened = bitlyService.shorten("")
shortened.statusCode // 200 if all is ok, error code if not.
shortened.statusText // "OK" if all is ok, error message if not.
shortened.url // The shortened url if all is ok.

A taglib bitly:shorten:

<bitly:shorten url=""/ >