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hexD LV2 Plugins
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hexD LV2 plugins

These are simple LV2 plugins written in C based on the hexd.h macros.

They're simple, optimized, and based on a cubic interpolator for joining the control input values where they differ. A CAS proof for the interpolator equation coefficients is given in scripts/, (requires Sympy, Python).

For some plugins (e.g. hexd-lowpass and hexd-highpass), the goal was to keep it exact directly with a digital filter design, instead of an approximation from an analog filter design.


For now, the plugins available are:

Directory Plugin name
hexd-distwire hexD DistWire distortion
hexd-dummy hexD Dummy I/O 'wire' eternal sameness
hexd-gain hexD Gain
hexd-highpass hexD Lowpass filter (single pole, exact)
hexd-lowpass hexD Highpass filter (one zero and one pole, exact)


Just type:

make install

If you want to install for all users, do the same with sudo.

The Makefile was highly customized to detect all plugins, and every plugin can be made separately by name, e.g.:

make hexd-distwire
make install-hexd-distwire

You can also uninstall by name:

make uninstall-hexd-distwire

Or uninstall every plugin with make uninstall.

If you have bash completion for make commands, the given Makefile will show/auto-complete the plugins by name.


The "DistWire" distortion was created when I was advising/teaching some DSP basics to some few students at Poli-USP (Brazil), and one of them asked me for an example of a memoryless system. The example I've created at that time is exactly the non-linear DISTWIRE macro in the hexd-distwire.c file, and the distortion name was discussed during the class, among the students. They said a sinusoid looked like a barbed wire / barbwire after processing with this distortion, hence the name "DistWire".

Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Danilo de Jesus da Silva Bellini

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