This plugin reduces the memory usage of the XML-RPC Endpoint in WordPress by introducing a new XML-RPC parser
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This plugin introduces a new implementation of the XML-RPC parser by using a "streaming" XML parser
and reduces the memory usage during the parsing process of XML-RPC requests in WordPress.
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It must have access to the sys tmp folder in which it stores temporary files.

The plugins does the following:
- Gets the php input stream (php://input)
- Reads from the input stream, and parse the content by chunck (Get rid of $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA).
- Doesn't store any partial values, or the final parsed value in memory. It uses a tmp file in the tmp directory (Only for base64 data).
- Changes the function mw_newMediaObject to use a path to the input file on disk rather accept the whole content as parameter.
- Introduces a new function that copy the uploaded file to the right location.