A visual approach to serverless development. Think. Build. Repeat.
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Serverless By Design

This is a visual approach to serverless development:

  • An application is a network of nodes (serverless resources, such as Lambda functions or S3 buckets) connected by edges (their relationships, for example a trigger or a data flow)
  • Edit an application adding nodes and edges following an event-driven design
  • Import a previously exported application to continue working on it
  • Choose a runtime, and build your application (for example, using AWS SAM)
  • Optionally use canary or linear deployments for your future updates
  • Edit templates and code files for the final configurations before deploying the application
  • Export an application to save it for later use in a JSON file
  • Take a picture of the application architecture to have a visual representation to share
  • Fine tune the physics used to place nodes and edges on the screen, for example enable/disable it or choose another solver

A live version is available at: http://sbd.danilop.net

Think. Build. Repeat.


Copyright (c) 2017 Danilo Poccia, http://danilop.net

This code is licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). Please see the LICENSE file that accompanies this project for the terms of use.


Just clone the repo and open www/index.html with your favourite browser.

It can work locally, without an internet connection.


Want to make some changes? Just be sure to re-run browserify index.js > bundle.js and refresh!


Here are a few examples to help you start:


This code depends on: