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By Daniel Rus Morales <>

Yet another Django pluggable blogging app that features:

  1. Three different type of posts: Stories, Quotes and Diary Entries.
  2. Choose between either 3 or 4 columns layout format.
  3. Default theme based on twitter-bootstrap.
  4. Create new themes without modifying existing code.
  5. Posts may be in Draft/Public status, and published in the future.
  6. Posts categorized with tags, with django-tagging.
  7. Independent paginated list of Stories, Quotes and Comments.
  8. Comments managed with django-comments-xtd.
  9. Support for inline media with django-inline-media.
  10. Blogroll, Multiple Authors, Search capabilities with django-haystack, and more.

Documentation work in progress, so far the list of features and a screenshot:

Install the app and run the example site to see it in action:

  1. Create a VirtualEnv for the app

  2. Git clone: git clone git://

  3. Cd into django-dress-blog and install requirements: pip install requirements

  4. To have search functionality up & running:
    • Install Xapian >= 1.2, and
    • Copy: cp ../src/xapian-haystack/ ../src/django-haystack/haystack/backends/
  5. If you don't want to have search at the moment just edit django-dress-blog/example/demo/ and comment out "haystack" in INSTALLED_APPS

  6. Cd into django-dress-blog/example/demo

  7. Run python collectstatic, and answer 'yes'

  8. Run sh (to syncdb, migrate and loaddata)

  9. If you have installed xapian, build the search index:
    • python rebuild_index
  10. Run python localhost and hit http://localhost:8000

Admin access with user admin, password admin.

Remember, it's a beta yet!