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2. Create a model with a field of type ``Wysihtml5TextField``.
3. Create an admin class for that model by inheriting from both ``wysihtml5.admin.AdminWysihtml5TextFieldMixin`` and Django's ``admin.ModelAdmin``.
4. Hit your app's admin URL and see the `wysihtml5 <>`_ editor in action.
+Demo site
+1. Cd into the demo directory: ``cd django-wysihtml5/example/demo``
+2. Run syncdb with --no-input: ``python syncdb --noinput`` (user: admin, pwd: admin)
+3. Run the dev web server: ``python runserver``
+4. Hit the demo URL: `http://localhost:8000 <http://localhost:8000>`_ to see the example article fully formatted with Wysihtml5.
+5. Hit the demo admin URL: `http://localhost:8000/admin/ <http://localhost:8000/admin/>`_ to see the widget in action.
+You can customize two commands:
+* Create Link
+* Insert Image
+To customize each command create a function to render the dialog and the javascript code to handle the result. Visit the commands wiki pages (`createLink <>`_, `insertImage <>`_) to see how.
+Once you have the function edit your settings file and declare the key that corresponds with the command you have customize. The default values are:
+* ``WYSIHTML5_FUNC_CREATE_LINK_DIALOG = "wysihtml5.widgets.render_create_link_dialog"``
+* ``WYSIHTML5_FUNC_INSERT_IMAGE_DIALOG = "wysihtml5.widgets.render_insert_image_dialog"``
+Have questions?
+* On Wysihtml5: `go here <>`_
+* On this app: `post a comment <>`_
+Go and make happy your users!

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