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A chef recipe for enabling mongodb on the EY AppCloud. This updated recipe pulls in the latest ebuild maintained on our portage server, and sets up everything for you for a proper master/slave setup.

It makes a few assumptions:

  • You want MongoDB on a dedicated instance(s).
  • You want a master and (optionally) an arbitrary number of slaves.
  • You want to enable authentication for security.

The only thing (currently) lacking from this recipe is the ability to setup scheduled backups of your MongoDB database.


You will need to boot up a cluster (i.e. more than a single "solo" instance). MongoDB will be installed to a utility instance so as not to conflict with MySQL or Postgres.

Using it

  • Add a utility instance to your cluster, and name it mongodb_master
  • If you want a slave, make sure you have a mongodb_master instance running and add a new utility instance named mongodb_slave
  • You can run multiple slaves if you want. Name them like: mongodb_slave1, mongodb_slave2, mongodb_slave3, etc.


There is an option to have the MongoDB instance start up as both a master and a slave, by booting an instance named mongodb_masterslave. However, this assumes you have an established SSH tunnel to the remote mongod instance you are replicating from, and as of this writing this scenario is untested. So use this at your own risk.


Get backups running. With 1.4.x the idea is to be able to take backups without the need to shutdown a slave, but issues regarding that have not been fully worked out yet.

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