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A chef recipe for enabling postgres on solo. Data is persisted to EBS so your db naturally restores if you grow/shrink your instances. An upcoming release of the ey-flex-gem will be delivering support for native eybackup features.

It's almost ready for everyone, it's working wonderfully for us right now.


% sudo gem install ey-flex

You'll also need your ey-cloud.yml credentials from ey's cloud.

Using it

mbp:: p/ey-postgrecipes » ey-recipes 
Current Environments:
env: compton  running instances: 1
  instance_ids: ["i-5eu8x492"]
mbp:: p/ey-postgrecipes » ey-recipes --update compton


Under rails you'll see an error like this.

Please install the postgres adapter: `gem install
activerecord-postgres-adapter` (no such file to load --

You'll need to modify cookbooks/postgres/templates/default/database.yml.erb and set the adapter to 'postgresql' instead of 'postgres'. Just fork the project and do yo thang.

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