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this is a fork of smeagol to help out railsbridge students with setting up their OSX machine
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smeagol is this ugly dude who led some hobbits around, this is kinda the same thing. Except, like, instead of hiking mordor you're trying to write some open source code on a mac.

FWIW it was easier to just write bash for this. :(

What it does

  • Sets you up with homebrew
  • Installs git from homebrew, sets up ~/.gitconfig
  • Installs postgresql, mysql, redis, and mongodb
  • Installs rvm and sets up 1.8.7 to be the default, self manages on 1.9.2 as well
  • Installs common ruby frameworks, imagemagick, sqlite3 and all that bullshit
  • Installs a pretty sane ~/.irbrc
  • Installs a badass node.js development environment
  • Installs a modern python environment
  • Installs MacVim and the mvim shortcut

This is what I run on my system, cider is a subset of that.


% EDITOR="vim" GITHUB_USER="fightclub" GITHUB_TOKEN="..." EMAIL="" FULLNAME="Tyler Durden" rake smeagol:install

You may be prompted for your sudo password at some point during installation. Everything is getting installed as your user though.

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