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Analog Computer

I want to build an analog computer.


Anabella will be first proper attempt (loosely named after Lady Byron, Ada Lovelace's mother)

2018-09-25 overall design more or less worked out, started roughing out front panel roughed out. Now working through individual modules, breadboarding. Soon will order case and some connectors, make sure everything will fit.

2018-09-18 set up github repo, started typing up plans

I've done quite a lot of background reading, gathered loads of references, now it's time to start putting things into practice


  • simulating seismic-like systems to (hopefully) inform ELFQuake
  • for use in music synthesis (also I want to try out a particular semi-modular construction idea, something to use later on analog synth components)
  • brush up my calculus
  • general curiosity - in particular experimentation with hybridization, using an Arduino to interface with PC, put it on the Web