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(See ""
       for detailed information on registering a new project.

1. Introduction
R is free software distributed under a GNU-style copyleft. R-Forge is
a service for R users and package developers providing certain tools
for collaborative source code management.

2. The directory you're in
This is the repository of your project. It contains two important
pre-defined directories namely 'www' and 'pkg'. They must not be
deleted otherwise R-Forge's core functionality will not be available
(daily check and build of your package or project websites).
These two directories are standardized and therefore are going to be
described in this README. The rest of your repository can be used as
you like.

3. 'pkg' directory
Typically this directory contains the R package with the usual
DESCRIPTION and R/, man/, data/ directories etc (see 'Writing R 
Extension' for more details). In the future it will also be possible to
have multiple packages managed by a control file, however currently
this feature is still under development).

Furthermore, this directory will be checked out daily, the package is
checked and if it passes this procedure it is build and made available at (as source tar.gz and win32
.zip). It should be possible to install the package via
install.packages("foo",url="") within R

4. 'www' directory
This directory contains your project homepage which is available at
Note that it will be checked out daily, so please take
into consideration that it will not be available right after you
commit your changes or updates. 

5. Help
If you need help don't hesitate to contact us