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makerPower™ Arduino Library

OLED Solar Monitor

This directory contains a simple Arduino library providing access the makerPower via I2C and a couple of simple example sketches. It includes support for the ESP8266 software I2C implementation requiring specification of pin numbers for SDA and SCL. The library can also be compiled on a Raspberry Pi (requires wiringPi).

Sample Sketches

  1. lib_ser_test - Reads several values from the board and outputs their values via the serial port.
  2. lib_ole_test - Displays the charge state, solar power, battery voltage and current draw on a 2x16 character OLED display. This sketch may be easily ported to a LCD-based 2x16 character display. My prototype uses a Sparkfun LCD driver board that is actually an Arduino.

OLED backside

Linux Example

The linux directory contains a simple example using the library on a Raspberry Pi. Put the source in the same directory as the library files and use the command line in the 'm' file to compile. It assumes wiringPi has been installed. I just chmod +x m and compile using ./m in the same directory as the source files.

Run the demo program ./test_i2c.

Note that the I2C interface on all Pi versions has a bug that causes it to fail when the I2C slave stretches the clock (the makerPower stretches the clock slightly). A work-around is to reduce the I2C clock rate to 50 kHz that can be done by adding the following line to the /boot/config.txt file.

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