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Example Applications

This repository contains several example applications including wiring diagrams and supporting code and configuration files.

  1. esp8266 - Communicate with the cloud via WiFi and display charger data on an Adafruit IO dashboard.
  2. enclosure - Laser cut acrylic mounting plates to convert an off-the-shelf waterproof enclosure into a solar camera.
  3. motioneyeos - Incorporate the mpptChgD daemon into the motioneyeos distribution for a remotely monitored solar powered webcam.
  4. nightlighting - The "night-only" function can be used to automatically turn on LED lighting at night.
  5. pi_UPS - Use the charger as a long-lasting uninterruptable power supply with controlled shutdown for Raspberry Pi based systems.
  6. rad_sensor - Display information from a geiger counter remotely through the Blynk app on your phone.
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