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#/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
set -x
usage () { echo "usage: `basename $0` kernver zfsver" ; return 0 ; }
usageerr () { usage >&2 ; return 1 ; }
[ $# -eq 2 ] || usageerr
export DEBKEY=AAE15FF2
export DEBFULLNAME="Nick Black"
export DEBEMAIL="<>"
# Linux kernel
cd "/linux-$UPSTREAM"
cd debian/installer/amd64
kernel-wedge gen-control $KVERS >> ../../control
cd -
# This must be run twice. The first time, it intentionally fails. Don't
# believe me? Run it yourself and see.
make -f debian/rules debian/control-real || true # Creates Source: entry in /control
make -f debian/rules clean
python debian/bin/ "/linux-$UPSTREAM.tar.bz2"
debian/rules orig
# rebuild the abi FIXME
# FIXME ugh
sed -i -e"s/3.4.0-1/$KVERS/g" debian/bin/patch.apply
sed -i -e"s/3.4.0-1/$KVERS/g" debian/rules.gen
sed -i -e"s/3.4.0-1/$KVERS/g" debian/control
dpkg-buildpackage -j8 -k$DEBKEY
cp debian/config/kernelarch-x86/config-arch-64 .config
make oldconfig
make -j8 bzImage modules
ln -s "/linux-$UPSTREAM" /buildkernel
cd /spl-"$ZFSVER"
tar -cjvf ../spl_$ZFSVER.orig.tar.bz2 -C.. --exclude=debian spl-$ZFSVER
dpkg-buildpackage -j8 -k$DEBKEY
cd /zfs-"$ZFSVER"
tar -cjvf ../zfs_$ZFSVER.orig.tar.bz2 -C.. --exclude=debian zfs-$ZFSVER
dpkg-buildpackage -j8 -k$DEBKEY
# Our packages are in the toplevel...send them to the repository.
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