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s-i, SprezzOS fork of d-i (the debian installer core)
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      This is the main directory of the sprezzos-installer project.

It is coordinated on the sprezzos-dev mailing list:!forum/sprezzos-dev

sprezzos-installer ('s-i') was forked from the debian-installer ('d-i')
project on 2012-08-13, using git-svn.

How to get started?

  To check out d-i, you will need Git, as well as the 'mr' command.
  'mr' is in the 'mr' package, or see <>.

  First, check out the git repository.

     git clone

  Now run these commands to check out the rest of the installer, from git:

     cd s-i
     mr -p checkout (or 'mr -c .mrconfig checkout' on systems with mr below version 1.00)

  Then see the docs in s-i/installer/doc. If you just want to build
  bootable images, see s-i/installer/build/README. If you don't
  understand something, post to
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